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Oct 5, 2007

Demolition Surges - The Occupation Deepens

Israel is increasingly targeting Israeli Arab citizens for house demolitions. This year has seen a tremendous surge in house demolitions in the southern Negev Desert, targeting the Bedouin communities who live there in poverty, without government services to their ‘unrecognized villages’. Just a few weeks ago the entire village of Twail Abu Jarwal was demolished for the tenth time.

ICAHD’s response is to help them rebuild - yet again. This time we will be purchasing sturdy tents that can be quickly dismantled should the bulldozers return. Our Constructing Peace Campaign has built almost 50 homes in the West Bank and East Jerusalem this year, plus helped rebuild a Bedouin village of 25+ families. The 18,000 Homes Campaign (see right column) is disseminating information through viral marketing of the banner and web page (you can help). ICAHD Coordinator, Jeff Halper, is currently on a USA speaking tour and will reach thousands of people during October with the message. But is it all enough? The Occupation continues to deepen and strengthen. The ‘Security Barrier’ continues to be built and strengthened. Demolitions and other human rights violations continue unabated.

Are we merely like the anti-slavery activists who passed the torch to future generations to fulfill the mission, or can we effect change now, not tomorrow? If so, how? Keep in mind that despite all our efforts over the years, the Israeli Occupation machine rolls forward and has strengthened and consolidated its grip on the West bank while Gaza is now a giant prison. Do we have to wait until Apartheid is undisputed on the ground, or can we halt and reverse the process? If so, how?